Dent Repairs

It doesn't matter how careful you are, or how well you take care of your vehicle, sooner or later you will get a dent. Someone opening their vehicle door into yours, careless drivers bumping you from behind, children playing near your vehicle, the list goes on! People will typically fix a larger dent soon but leave the smaller ones until something else comes up, it's human nature to put the small things off. But here are some reasons you really shouldn't do that.

  • Rust Problems. The tiniest crack in the paint from a dent will allow moisture in, which will in turn cause the paint to begin to oxidize and rust.
  • Long-term Paint Damage. The weather, wear-and-tear, washing your vehicle, these things can all cause cracks in the paint to grow larger.
  • Reduction in Resale Value. Appearance is the number one thing on a consumer's mind. If they see a potential new vehicle with cracks in the paint and/or dents, they will be less inclined to give you top dollar for your vehicle!
  • Cheaper to Fix. Getting to a dent and paint chip before the damage spreads, will decrease your shop bill significantly.
  • Your Safety. Even the smallest ding and dent can be masking an underlying structural problem. Always get things checked out!

Let's face it, here in Northern Alberta we have our fair share of wet climates and salt on the roads. Both of those things will cause those smaller problems to get worse. Here at Koch Auto Body we work on all makes and models and can remove dents and scratches, and have your vehicle back on the road looking as good as new! We recommend having our team of experts look at the damage and make the necessary repairs as soon as possible!

Vehicle Corner Damage
Vehicle Corner Repair
Repaired and Painted Vehicle Corner

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

With PDR there are no fillers, paint or sanding required with the process! The dent is carefully coaxed out of the vehicle using specialized tools and techniques. But there are a few things that people don't know about Paintless Dent Removal. Not every body shop can do the specialized estimate that is required by insurance companies. So you need to make sure that as soon as you get your claim opened, you ask for a PDR Estimate, and they will have someone out to get your estimate done for you. Once you have your estimate, bring it on over to us here at Koch Auto Body, and we can begin the process of getting your vehicle fixed. We do not have a PDR Technician on staff, but we have a number of companies who we use for our customers to come and do on-site repairs. When they are finished, no one will know the dent was ever there!

Endgate Dent
Sanded and Filled Endgate
Endgate Dent Repaired & Painted

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