What We Will Do For You

Here at Koch Auto Body we have been helping people through their insurance claims processes for years. When you trust us with the repair of your vehicle, we handle it all -- giving you the least amount of stress as possible. We speak directly with your insurance provider, help you get into a car rental, and get your vehicle back to top notch form!

Know Your Rights!

Don't let your insurance provider tell you where to go. Tell them where you want to go!

Your insurance company may have some recommendations on where they think you should go for repairs, but the choice is ultimately yours. You have the right to decide where to have your vehicle towed and repaired. Once your vehicle is here we will work closely with your insurance company and make sure that you are kept in the loop on all decisions and time lines.

Got Hail Damage?

Hail damage can range from a cosmetic, light damage to producing visible dents and dings. Some can even affect the body and operation of your vehicle. It will mostly cause damage to the horizontal panels on your vehicle: the hood, roof, trunk and tops of the fenders. But if there is a strong wind with the storm, the hail stones will be directed to the sides of the vehicle as well. The repairs are mostly done by Paintless Dent Removal, but if you have damage to the mouldings or anywhere else that isn't a body panel, those parts may need to be replaced.

  • Call your Insurance Provider
  • Request a PDR Estimate
  • Bring your estimate to us
  • Relax, and let us handle it from there!
Hail Damage

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