Frame Straightening

The unibody or frame is a fundamental part of your vehicles structure and must be aligned exactly to factory specifications for safety and performance. If even the tiniest bit out, it will spread unforeseen damage to other parts of your vehicle. It can even cause your vehicle to track sideways down the road instead of straight. But most importantly, if there is structural damage the vehicle will be unable to protect you and your loved ones in the event a collision occurs.

Kansas Jack

Using our Kansas Jack Frame Rack and Eclipse 3D Measuring System, we here at Koch Auto Body are able to make sure your vehicle gets back to the condition it was meant to be in. To start, we place your vehicle on the frame rack, then we place laser targets for the measuring system underneath your vehicle. The computer program uses a laser to accurately identify the position of the alignment points, and generate a report so we can see exactly where it is out of alignment. It will then pinpoint where we need to put the pulling attachments and our frame technician will then straighten your frame. We print out the report which will show the before and afters of the alignment of your frame. We can even send a copy over to your insurance company if need be!

Before Repair
In Repair

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