Koch Auto Body - Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following about our vehicle repair services.

I've been in an accident. What do I do?

1) Write down the details:
-Where and when did it happen
-The license plate numbers for all involved vehicles
-The names and addresses of all driver's involved
-The driver's license numbers of all involved driver's
-Insurance company names and policy numbers on the involved vehicles
-Name and contact information for all witnesses, if necessary
-If you have an available camera or smart phone, take photos of the damage and the accident scene

2) Contact your insurance company
3) Call the nearest Auto Body repair shop - our number is (780) 675-1313

Do I need to make an appointment first before coming down?

You are always welcome to drop by, but making an appointment will allow us to prepare for you and make sure that we can deliver the best customer experience possible!

Who qualifies for a rental vehicle?

If you have loss of use (rental coverage) on your insurance policy, and we are handling your insurance claim, we will happily assist you with a rental vehicle!

How soon after my vehicle has been painted can I wash it?

Your vehicle will be washed prior to you picking it up. If you need to wash it within the first month; we highly recommend hand washing with a clean microfiber rag and car wash soap to help prevent wash scratches.

The other driver has offered to pay for the damages. Is this OK?

If the other person offers to pay for the damages themselves, there is nothing wrong with that, but we still recommend contacting your insurance company about this arrangement. It is also important to note that estimates may change once the vehicle has been more thoroughly inspected and the person paying should be fully aware of this.

Will I be contacted throughout the repair process?

We will make sure that we are aware of how often you would like to be updated throughout the repair process, and gladly give you a call, e-mail or text as often as you would like!

Do I need to keep in contact with my insurance adjuster?

Here at Koch Auto Body, we work closely with your insurance provider to help make this as easy for you as possible. You are welcome to stay in contact with them, but we can handle it for you!

Do you do private work?

We welcome private and custom jobs. Have a new truck you want a bedliner installed on? We can help you!

Do you work on any vehicle type?

Absolutely! Our experienced technicians are capable of repairs to all makes and models!

Do you have a shuttle service?

We will most assuredly be able to give you a ride to wherever you need to go!

I have a chip in my windshield. What do I do now?

Rock chips can be repaired while you wait. We do however highly recommend you apply a clear piece of Scotch Tape over the chip, to help prevent it from spreading. Get it in to us as soon as possible and we'll fix it up and have you back on the road in no time!